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Trust is the most important factor in establishing and maintaining relationships in our business. Our Seattle area firm is proud to be built on:

* A solid foundation of trust

* A long term reputation of integrity

* Accurate financial reporting

* A culture of responsiveness in customer service

* A secure portfolio of more than 10,000 units; large enough to share buying power, yet small enough to provide personal attention

* A full service platform with the experience and breadth of knowledge to add value to your investment

When it comes to choosing a reliable, locally owned, property management firm, experience matters!  See what our clients are saying.

For more information about a specific area of interest, click the tiles above for an overview.  Contact our team via email or by phone at 206.622.8600 to learn more or to request a proposal today.


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How to Avoid Mold in A Rental Property
Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In the Pacific Northwest, we are familiar with the cold and often damp days of fall and winter. With this added moisture there is a tendency for mold to grow in areas of  the home that are not well ventilated. If you are renting a single family home or an apartment in Washington, landlords and […]

Will a Smart Homes Save You Money?
Thursday, August 21, 2014

Smart phones are all around us, helping people stay connected anywhere. A new trend for home buyers and developers is the Smart Home. People use solar panels to help with energy costs and online monitoring systems to keep an eye on their home when they are away. The question with all this new technology is […]

Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Locks
Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Homesowners and renters can both use these simple and easy tips from BrightNest on how to clean and maintain your homes locks. These time saving tips can save money down the road, so you are not replacing broken and decayed locks. Keeping locks clean can help prevent break-ins and other inconveniences when dealing with corroded […]